Pre-Christmas Eve services.

Christmas Eve services has always meant me sitting alone with many small children.

Ten years ago someone scolded me for not keeping my row of little boys quiet and still.

I still get teary thinking about it.

And I still can’t guarantee their perfect behavior even though some of them are taller than me now…


But now we just invite all the loud families who can’t keep their hands off each other and don’t have enough adults to separate their children to sit next to us.

Nothing but grace and a good time over in our corner.


And even in our loud corner, I get chocked up every time Andy sings this song…

“Heaven kissed the earth tonight. Love found a way. On this unsuspecting silent night.

Lift up your eyes. There is hope for all mankind.

Love found a way. Heaven kissed the earth tonight.”

And from our mess of a family, we are most thankful that love indeed found a way.



We enjoyed a laid back Christmas just the 8 of us.

On Christmas Eve, I dropped the apple pie.


I said cuss words. And did some deep breathing.

And then rejoined the party in the living room.

Christmas Day I burned the monkey bread.

And somehow the roast in the crockpot was left unplugged for who knows how long.

My meal prep was not spot on.


The kids were excited and really grateful this year. It’s super fun having “big” kids too.

Our teenager is still not a morning person….clearly.


But all in all.

It was delightful.



And ever overwhelmed by projects looming over my head, by 10:00 AM this morning my tree was down and decorations stored….

Merry Christmas, all.

3 Responses to Quick Christmas Recap.

  1. Ronna Bauman says:

    Love this, Jody! Somehow the dropped pie made me feel better for all my recent cooking disasters.

  2. Where did you get those footie PJs that fit a teenaged boy?? They’re hilarious, and he’s wearing them! I want my boys to wear those so I can laugh my head off every morning!!

  3. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for all the work that you do with the Adventure Project. You are are inspiring more people than you may know.

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