Have I told you about the Coal boxes this year??

OK. Well. Here we go.

Real quick. Here’s the WHY:

—Toxic smoke is the number one killer of children under 5 in the developing world.

—Families in Haiti can spend up to 40% of their income on the coal for cooking.

—The charcoal efficient stoves that we fund in Haiti drastically reduce the toxic smoke emissions and cut down on the coal needed by 50%

—This saves the family much needed money.

—The reduced coal use also saves 6 trees a year!

—AND the program in Haiti provides JOBS for those building the stoves and selling them in the market.

SO….the Coal boxes this year are super fun.

The lump is coal is actually handmade soap so it can be used.

And every box ($20) helps get a stove to a family in Haiti.

And basically, everyone who is on your Nice List probably wants a Coal box….


BUY them here.


(Feel free to grab the above images to help us sell as many Coal boxes/stoves as possible this year. Best gift ever.)


OK. Wait. I got to thinking about this in the shower…. 🙂

So it costs roughly $200 to send a child to school in Haiti. And the average annual income is $650.

Um. That $220 savings just took on a whole new light.

So imagine…we could potentially support a child’s education by sending $20 a month.

OR…we subsidize the cost of a stove so a family can afford to buy it. Family buys it and immediately starts saving about $20 a month. They then can potentially afford to send a child to school on their own. Or buy more food. Or start small businesses. Or whatever they want or need to do. You know, because they are human beings.

And they do not realize probably that we even played a small part in making the stoves available.

They just get to take care of their families better.

They pay for their kid’s tuition.

They buy their own food.

They provide a safer, healthier environment of their kids.

So I’m thinking.

That’s the coolest thing ever.

Such smart giving. Smart investing.

I’m in love with it all over again.


Carry on.


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  1. Molly says:

    Whelp, I just figured out what to get my uncle!! this is perfect!

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