School for a couple of our kiddos is a bit overwhelming.

Which makes it overwhelming for me.

So it’s been a hard couple weeks as we try and determine what’s best for each child and what’s best for the family as a whole. Sometimes it seems like those two things are different which is when it becomes a little tricky.

One day at a time. Looks like we will try our hand at juggling several different school campuses. I hate to have them separated, but in the end we are believing it to be best.


Here’s my new coping mechanism when I get overwhelmed:

“I think we need to do some more testing on Child X.”

Me: “Hmm. I love him.”

“We need to call the doctor about Child Y.”

Me: “Hmm. I love him.”

“That was a horrible pass. Why did Child D do that?”

Me: “Hmm. I love him.”

“We need to come up with a new plan for Child Z’s reading deficiencies.”
Me. “Hmm. I love him.”

“What are we going to do about Child B’s poor decision this afternoon?
Me: “Hmm. I love him.”

“When are we going to tell Child E about the new schedule?
Me: “Hmm. I love him.”

It’s not necessarily super efficient. And it might occasionally drive my husband crazy. But it does help calm my spirit and center me to the ultimate goal as their Mom.


This happened too when my sweet sister tried to encourage me….


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