Little glimpses of what I’ve been reading and listening to and pondering.

I’ve learned that I only can stomach exercise if I am learning something at the same time.

So no music for me. I get bored and start worrying about everything that needs to be done.

So I’ve started listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

That seems to work much better for me.

“If you want to make a difference, the next time you see someone being cruel to another human being, take it personally. Take it personally because it is personal.” (Mavis Leno)

…”hope inspires the good to reveal itself.” This is almost all I ever need to remember. Gravity and sadness yank us down, and hope gives us a nudge to help one another get back up or sit with the fallen on the ground, in the abyss, in solidarity.” (Lamott)

And gosh, I wish we used this “metric” more often…

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage.” (Brene Brown)


I am loving this. It made me equally heavy and hopeful for a couple of my kids in particular. Believing this to be so true..

“There is a group of people who have succeeded not in spite of their difficulty but because of it. —-

The question of what any of us would wish on our children is the wrong question. The right question is whether we as a society need people who have emerged from some kind of trauma. And the answer is that we plainly do.” (Malcolm Gladwell)


And these are just a couple glimpses into our living room from the last couple days…


After a catch-up call with Amanda this morning, I am reminded of the power of a “normalizing” friendship. One that affirms that you are not defective or alone in your experiences. #thankful


A friend sat on my couch today and after I asked a question, she said, “I have two versions to answer that question. One is the answer I give to Christian friends. And then the other one.”

My response, “Well, I definitely do not want the Christian-friend version.”

Let it be known. It’s true for anyone that sits on my couch. Just FYI.

Me: “How did 16 pigs-in-a-blanket disappear in the last 5 minutes?? “

Kora: “You had six kids.”

She speaks truth.

2.5 hours later.

Point-slope equations. I hate you.


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  1. Beccy says:

    Thanks for the quotes. Helpful today.

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