So when some of our favorite people invite us to tag along on their getaway from an auction item they bought.

You say “yes.”

And that we did…(thanks to the most amazing friend ever who took on the task of our 6 kiddos for a couple days.)

We went to Sonoma. And learned a bit about wine. And got to spend time with these fun folks.


I don’t know anything about wine.

But I found this getaway to be just my speed.


It afforded a lot of time to linger. To eat good food. To talk.


It was really, super fun.

And really beautiful…


I subjected everyone to incessant rounds of “the question game.”

They were incredibly good sports.

And I left a getaway..with other human beings…refreshed.

So that is something magnificent.





We returned home and headed straight into a stressful week.

The note left for us said, “Thank you for the opportunity to get to hang with your amazing kids for a couple days.”

Um. I cried.

A getaway with no guilt.

This might of been a first.

And I’m just really thankful.

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