I’m not doing awesome at keeping this blog up.

I’m not ready to give it up entirely. I feel like there will be times where I use it/need it more often.

However, I am a Facebook and instagram machine at this stage. I find I have the thought capacity for those updates much more consistently than I do a full blog. And it makes my parents happy to be able to keep up with us.

So, if you want to stay connected that way during my low blog season, that would be amazing. Friend me on Facebook or find me on instagram (jodylanders6).


Let’s see if I can get us somewhat caught up hereā€¦.

Flashback to this summer. I want summer back.


A couple of those “steadying” forces in my life. Neely and chocolate.


Andy and I had a date night recently where I walked a fine line between biker chick and pastor’s wife with my outfit…


And there is a moment each and every time I sit in the bleachers or stands where I think, “I am going to be sad when someday we wake up and we don’t have a game to watch.”

Can’t say we aren’t cherishing this super fun season of our lives…


My morning runs have consisted of some Brene Brown on the iPod. So now my feet and my head hurt all day.


It’s really too bad no one had any fun this season…


Quincy’s team did suffer an agonizing defeat in the Championship game during the second sudden death.

That’s my catcher there.

I might of been laughing.

And I love baseball.

And as if we all couldn’t use this reminder every now and then.

I love him.

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