…without keeping things updated here too.

So here we go.

1. This sweet boy had his last football game. He’s just cute.

692c4cffed3f9b1fd971df3bf3fd1b7d 2.jpeg

2. Kids had a day off on Friday. The only agreed upon activity was a round of 4 on 4 at the gym.

I will always be able to remember who was on the losing team just by looking at this picture.

They are only slightly competitive…

photo copy 2.JPG

3. This sweet friend of mine had a birthday this week. And as I thought about her it was another tribute to an unlikely friendship.

Sometimes they just work.

In fact, most of my really good friends are a bit “unlikely.”

I like that.


4. And this was documented. Well, because his shirt has buttons….


5. This was a while ago…but it’s fun. I think they are being reminded not to pout… 🙂


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