Kora and I did a little cooking in the morning.

We really had very few responsibilities so it was fun!


The boys got up early for some football.


And then by the time we made it to the Beckers, they were ready for round 2 of some football.

Derrick (the extra kid below) is playing in the HS State Tournament tomorrow and he is basically a celebrity to our boys.

They might of been a tiny bit annoying today…


But it was all together lovely.

We have beautiful, brave, generous friends who let us share in their day.

And yep.

We were long overdue for a holiday torture season…aka taking a family picture….



I told everyone to lean down and in toward Kora.

So basically the two tall ones are very disobedient….


Quincy is not capable of simply smiling for a picture.



They are amazing.

I love them.


One Response to Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Candi Stewart says:

    Oh Jody… LOVE the pics, some of course made me snicker!!! 😉 You have a BEAUTIFUL family… love & MISS you ALL so much! Happy Thanksgiving and SO happy to get a glympse into your real family thru real pics!! : ) You are BLESSED!!

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