I’m going to try something new.

Pin of the Day. Things that I pinned and actually executed and how they went. I’ll try and do it 5 times a week or so.

Or whenever I feel like it.

That’s how we roll around here.

But it will be fun.

And it comes with these disclaimers:

1. I’m a horrible cook. I don’t love it and I’m very bad at it. But I do feed my family. So it’s a lot of crockpots, casseroles, cheap and easy stuff. Nothing fancy.

2. I am health conscious but not health obsessed. And I love sugar. It’s a problem. But it’s so yummy. I do love really healthy stuff too. And I’m trying to strike a balance. So keep that in mind. And my kids eat entirely too much yuck food because it’s cheap and easy. I do NOT like that about my “system.” So I’m always trying to do better, but it’s something we have not mastered like other families. I’m a tormented person who appreciates health, convenience, and a budget.

3. I value function over beauty right now. I like pretty things. But right now, I love efficient and functional things. So there likely won’t be a lot of decorating pins but plenty of toilet cleaning ones….


OK. First Pin of the Day.

So exciting. Try and contain yourselves.

Today we have a football game after school so I will have 6 hungry kids and we won’t get home until after 6. So I needed to be prepared with a snack so as to avoid constant begging/whining for a trip to the snack shack.

I made this peanut butter dip and cut up some apple slices. Super easy–greek yogurt, peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon. I taste tested it. It was good. I would eat it. (I’m not going to though because it’s for the children today. And they generally don’t leave enough for me…)

I soaked the apples in Sprite in a tubberware container to keep them from browning.

I am going to bring a bag of pita chips too so they can dip the apples and the pita chips into it.


The end.

The most fun you had all day??

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  1. Nat says:

    Oh Jody great pin. I always want to chop apples but get so disappointed when the brown or I add wayyy to much lemon. never heard of the sprite tip…cool. Today I did two pins. One stuffed peppers and then oatmeal to go. Peppers were great! The oatmeal will be made tomorrow so I will let you know.

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