What happened to this week?

I have so many things to tell you.

Riveting things like:

–Like how I scrubbed carpets with my little green machine. I do love that thing.

–Or how I washed all the bedding in the house. Do you know how many loads that is?! Enough clearly that is should be blogged about.

–Or how so, so adorable my little baseball players are? They are still so cute.

–Or how I had a major adoptive mom failure in the car the other night when the conversation drifted toward their first family. I’m pretty sure they don’t recommend weeping uncontrollably at the Orphan Summit. Ugh. I’ll do better next time.

–Or the fact that the weather is awesome here this week! Living in Washington is like birthing babies. Every summer you seem to instantly forget the past 7 months. Kind of like you instantly forget labor…until the next time you go into the delivery room.

–The weather was so fantastic that I almost took the paddle board out on the lake by myself while I was home alone. I was going to wear a life jacket. But I actually still feared that I would die out there. I’ll wait until I have back-up. Remember this?


–So my Dad has been working so hard on the blog redo. He’s so nice like that. Do we all feel OK about this?

–Hey, if you are looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift? I’m prepping Mother’s Day e-cards to be sent on Sunday. Order today and I’ll get it done for you.

Spring Gala is shaping up to be amazing. If you need a NY getaway. Or live in NY. Or know anyone in NY. Everyone should come. Going to be fun!


–I’ve had a couple Pinterest successes recently. Do you want to know about them?

I’m trying to do a bit of sugar detox. But I still love it and I need sweetness.

These are like a good compromise for me.

THESE are good. Not sure if it actually serves the purpose when you eat the whole pan. But nonetheless…easy and good.

And THIS is like a dream come true for me. Two ingredients. An illusion of sugar. Jello texture. All good things for me…although I recognize that I’m a little like a 7 year old. But I have “made”(essentially involves stirring) this several times. It needs some light whipped cream. It satisfies that need for dessert. So there you have it.

Beyond that, I need someone to come live with me and cook all the other stuff…

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  1. deborah says:

    The Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal squares look like they would be good with Chocolate frosting on them……………. just saying

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