So we have an extra day.

I think that’s nice.

And I actually can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

It’s a normal day.

Up early, packed lunches, sorted backpacks, kissed foreheads.

I have coconut yellow curry in the crockpot.

It smells so good. And I am fully aware no one is going to be excited about it.

(I’m trying to expand their palates. It’s a painful process.)

Snow was falling this morning so Andy took my car.

Leaving me stranded at the house.

(I don’t drive the bus).

And I sort of love being stranded at the house.

The Water Team is growing and getting louder.

Which means the capacity for impact is growing.

I still need you…so you know…the form.

It’s going to be fun. Promise.

Laundry is going. It smells like lavender.

Struggling friends and family race constantly through my mind.

Forcing prayers and reminders to surrender.

We really are not in control.

It’s scary. And yet freeing.

I could not love my husband more.

I’m enjoying our growing kids.

Challenges abound.

But there’s an extra day this year…

And today.

I’m just taking it in.

3 Responses to today.

  1. Tesi says:

    “So we have an extra day. I think that’s nice.”

    No idea why that is hilarious to me, but it is. Mostly because I can hear you say it.

    Waiting for our official lip balm launch to launch the page. 😉

  2. Carrie says:

    My boy is turning 5 today… well, really 20…. so hard to believe that 20 years ago we got a call from an agency in Seattle that they had a baby for us! Could we come from Oregon tomorrow and get him, we walked out of that hospital in Kirkland w/o signing a paper, because we were not quite legal to take him until the interstate compact went through a few days later…but we took him, and he has blessed us everyday of his life!!! It is a fun birthday every four years…. I read in the paper last night that there are only 200,000 people with this birthday… so glad he is one of them! Enjoy your extra day…I LOVE this day!

  3. Courtney says:

    i love this post. i can so relate. wish i was stuck at home more often…

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