Have you met my sweet friend, Amanda? I love her. Miss her. She was one of my favorite things about Colorado. (big knot in my throat. moving on.) So she’s amazing. She’s an adoptive mom. She’s a foster care mom. She’s newly pregnant. And she has joined the team to create a world where the adoption of orphans is not necessary. Join her if you feel led.


There’s a growing number of advocates over there too. They are all fantastic. SO much fun to partner with them. Julie just gave away her iPad, others are using very creative means to reach their goals. It’s awesome fun. Awesome, world-changing fun. You can still join us at any point. We’d love to have you.


And these sweet people. My grandparents:


Don’t they look amazing!? They just celebrated their 60th Anniversary. And in an act very common for them, they celebrated by investing outwardly with $660 for families in Uganda. I am constantly humbled and challenged by their continued legacy.


And you should check out Becky’s post…it’s basically Chapter 3 in the Journey of a Start-up Non-profit. It sounds so much funnier than it feels like in real life sometimes. Except the pivot video part. That was hilarious. We laughed so much. “Pi-vat!!!”

“We’ve been busy pivoting. Anyone who has ever “pivoted” before knows what a train wreck it feels like. Suddenly, you realize what isn’t working, and you need to change tracks before you go over a fallen bridge. It can best be visualized by this scene Jody emailed me, as we both worked a late night in front of our mutually falling apart MacBooks. Guess who is Ross and who’s Rachel?” (Becky Straw)

And this is fun.

Some of you local folks may recognize the beautiful model (Thank you, Brenna!) below. The photographer (Emily Timmer!) was pretty awesome as well.

They did a fabulous job capturing the tote that supports the current Ugandan health program.

Each bag sold helps one female entrepreneur in Uganda receive her first bag of health supplies and uniform. She will then serve 700 people as a Community Health Promoter.

It’s a cute bag…with a big purpose…and a zipper. I just like the zipper.


So you buy a tote, women like Joy here are empowered and equipped with their bag of life-saving medical supplies. Pretty fun deal.
(Photo by Esther Havens)


My sweet husband made a bit of a deal on Facebook: Raise or donate $2500 to help us fulfill a promise and he will come to a house show. Some awesome folks took him up on it. We are currently working on our calendars scheduling his first show in Iowa.

Good stuff.

2 Responses to Some Adventure Things.

  1. Cousin Sara says:

    Great photo of your grandparents, my aunt and uncle…Happy Anniversary to them. It was great to see them when I was in Des Moines early August. Good timing! They are wonderful people! Love them!!

  2. Becky Straw says:

    I am ROSS! The bossy one. You’re nice Rachel!!! It’s IMPLIED. 🙂

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