As if things could get any more exciting around here.

We have AFRICA BAGS!!!

9 new bags which will go up for sale next week.

But in order to sell 2 of them I need to introduce you to someone.

You may remember him from our trip to pick up Zeke and Kora.

On a day that was full of uncertainty and fear, he was a welcome friend. He sat uncovered in the cold, drenched canoe/boat, with each wave literally soaking him—so that I could be under the small blue tarp that gave minimal shelter to a few on the boat. He held my hand as we walked through the bustling streets of Freetown…a place that to those of us unfamiliar can be very intimidating and scary. He comforted me as I silently cried in the back seat of the jeep as we drove away from the home…with Zeke cradled in my arms and Kora SCREAMING in the front. He made me smile when he said, “It’s OK. You have one child that loves you.”

And I knew him for maybe 6 hours.


But the Word Made Flesh team knows him well–

“David is a bright and helpful young man who demonstrates good leadership among his peers in the Lighthouse program. David recently graduated from the program in 2007 and is now working as a tailor. He hopes to have his own tailoring shop someday, so he can teach and help others who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to learn. .

David’s father was a Muslim, but his mother was a Christian. He came to know the love of Christ through his mother. When David was living on the streets, he liked to fight, but God has changed him. He sees God as his master and is thankful that God has changed his life and given him joy.

David lost both his father and mother when he was a small boy. He was separated from his younger brother when his aunt left to come to the United States several years ago. He asks that you pray that he would be able to see his brother again someday. He also asks that you pray for him to learn his work well and for continued wisdom and understanding. “

And David is making bags for us now too!!

Just like Sheku’s, we will sell them here and donate all money back to the Word Made Flesh team so they can continue to support kids like David and Sheku.


If you don’t remember, go read about Sheku.

And go read about the Word Made Flesh team.

We’ll start selling on Monday.

I’ll try and have pictures of the bags up sometime this week so you can see them.

We have 7 of Sheku’s bags. And 2 from David. (Amy and I bought two of the bags off the pile once they arrived. Because we’re working this project, we get those privileges. 🙂 Don’t worry, we both paid.)

And again, this is not the end. There will be more coming.

This is just the next round of Africa Bags!

(And let me give a shout out to the Africa sewers–the people the sew on the Africa appliques to the bags—Amy, Cassie, Mary, and Sheila all worked on this batch. It’s takes some time and effort and they all do it just because they want to help.)

I’m not sure exactly yet how we will run the sale. But I’ll let you know. Same as last time though–minimum $50 donation to Word Made Flesh and the bag is yours. You may have to type fast for it though….

(oh, by the way, I had to google “designer handbags” to come up with the title for this blog. Just so you know how in touch with those things I am….)

4 Responses to Who needs Gucci and Coach…We have Sheku and David Bags!

  1. Mandy Hunter says:

    I am soooooo excited, my husband won two of these bags and not even one of them was for me! So hopefully my turn is coming for the next round of auctioning off these beautiful handmade african bags. I can’t wait, I really want one.

  2. courtney says:

    i can’t wait either!!!

  3. courtney says:

    i can’t wait either!!!

  4. courtney says:

    why does it do that sometimes? it’s so annoying!

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